How to Manage Your Hair During Quarantine

Updated: May 12

Hi there! Is quarantine madness telling you to do something to your hair? It can be so frustrating when you really want to update your look but can't make it to the salon! I'm sure you may be in this position now more than ever. Don't worry, I got you! Here are my pro hairstylist tips to help you manage your hair from home.

Are you nervous to trim your bangs, color your hair, or keep your fade or beard looking sharp? I totally get it. We all know the saying "hair grows back," but that doesn't make doing it yourself any less nerve wracking!

I've been cutting, coloring, and styling my own hair since I was young. It wasn't always glamorous, believe me. Taking that first plunge can be really scary. That's why I'm here to help you succeed and keep you looking quarantine chic!

How to Trim Your Bangs Like a Pro:

I get asked by my clients all the time "Should I get bangs?" "Are bangs out of style?" "Will bangs look good on me?" "How do I trim my bangs at home?" and so on...

Bangs are super in right now! Whether you have them already or not, I want to show you that trimming your own bangs can be easy! Here's a quick video tutorial on how to trim your bangs like a pro.

The key is to take your time and do a little at a time!

How to Color Your Roots From Home:

Root touch ups are probably one of the harder things to accomplish by yourself, if you want it to look salon fresh, but with proper guidance it can be a manageable task!

For single process, I recommend consulting with your hairstylist first about matching the color and discussing exactly what you need for your desired look.

To start, section out the whole top section from the parietal ridge, and take 1 inch sections on each side of your head in front of your ears. The parietal ridge is the widest area of your head where it starts to curve, starting at the temples and ending at the bottom of the crown.

Having trouble finding your parietal ridge? Try taking a comb and placing it flat against the side of your head by your ear. Your parietal ridge starts where the comb leaves your head!

Now it's time to paint your roots! Part your hair in the middle and take 1/2 inch sections to the left and paint your roots going straight back. Repeat with sections going to the right.

Now divide the side sections in half vertically and paint only the roots there. Talk to your hairstylist about how much time it processes for.

Wash and style as normal!

Elina and Rita both touched up their roots from home and they killed it!

How to Succeed at a Mens Fade

Faded haircuts are such a big trend right now! Some of my male clients have reached out asking how to trim their beards or how to achieve a faded haircut while they're stuck at home. I'm sure many of you are curious too! If you want to know how to keep your fade looking sharp, look no further.

Start with the longest clipper setting. Go straight up from the bottom of your head. Where your head starts to curve (parietal ridge) continue making sure you are going straight up. This is what helps you achieve the faded look!

In order to achieve your desired length, decrease the clipper setting one by one. The same goes for your beard! Start with the longest attachment and slowly work your way down until your beard is the perfect length.

As a rule, hair that is thinner looks shorter! If you notice any thinner patches of hair, you might want to use a longer clipper attachment for those sections. Use a shorter attachment for thicker sections so the hair appears like it is the same length!

Jeremy touched up his fade himself, and it came out awesome!

Cutting or coloring your own hair doesn't have to be scary. I'm here to guide you every step of the way so that you have all the right tips and tricks to succeed! If you're ready to take the plunge and upgrade your look from home, book your online hair appointment here!

If you have any other hair related questions or would like to learn more about online hair appointments, please feel free to contact me directly.

I can't wait to work with you and keep you looking quarantine chic!

Much love,


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